🦉 Drake's 4th Shoe Is FIRE

Drake's fourth silhouette just popped up and it's definitely his best one yet. The Nike Hot Step 2 is fire and is dropping this summer for $180. Let's take a look at all of Drake's shoes to date so you can see why I'm so happy with these 🍊 (2 min read)

Drake’s 4th Shoe

Drake’s newest kicks are super fireeee. Draaaaaaaakeeeeee, I’m happy with these fam. God I love this video 😅

Okay we’re back now. With his fourth silhouette I think Drake has his best sneaker yet: the NOCTA Hot Step 2 🔥

We first saw Drake wearing these on stage during the “It’s All A Blur” tour last summer. I think they’re incredible, these give me Air Max vibes and I feel like Drake is a real Nike head who knows what’s good 🟠

The purple colorway is fire too, and I feel like they’re all going to be solid color blocked sneakers for the most part. Maybe down the line we’ll get some color contrast splash but who knows. Draaaakkeeeee you did it brother 🦉

Aubrey had been catching hella heat for his other Nocta Nike sneakers and frankly I don’t think any of it is warranted. They said the first Hot Steps looked like some kind of K-Swiss sneakers and I didn’t like that (even though I kinda agree lol) 👀

The next joints, the NOCTA Glides, were inspired by the Zoom Flight 95s and I thought they were mad cool, but they weren’t exactly a smash commercial success. Did you like them? 👇

And then we had a third silhouette, the NOCTA Zoom Drive, that I thought were really dope, but unfortunately those barely registered a blip on the sneaker radar. Like you can buy these right now for retail if you wanted to for $165, shidddd I might have to 😂

That was just a brief Drake sneaker history to catch you up to speed. Either way I think the Hot Step 2s are his best yet and they are expected to release in Summer 2024 for $180. No newsletter Friday, and big news coming next week 😉

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