👨🏽 Best Dad Shoes of All-Time

Father's day is just two days away and we all need to show our appreciation. Just in case you still need to get a gift, peep the top-3 best Dad shoes of all-time so your pops can rock some heat. Have a great weekend y'all 😇 (2 min read)

Father’s Day Kicks

With Father’s Day just two days away we had to bring y’all the greatest Dad shoes of all time. Dad shoes have had a major renaissance in the past few years thanks to the resurgence of the running shoe style. Brands like New Balance and ASICS have prioritized comfort and technology for years, so it’s cool to see their unique silhouettes come into fashion 🤝

In my opinion the biggest and best Dad shoe of all time is the grey New Balance 990. As the add famously states: Worn by Dads in Ohio & Supermodels in London 🤠

These were popularized in the DMV and rightfully so because they are an extremely sleek, fashionable and comfortable sneaker. We've seen a ton of high caliber collabs that have pushed the silhouette forward with new exciting colorways, but in my humble opinion gray will always be king. This is a big less is more situation 👏

ASICS GEL-Kayano - whether you’re running a marathon or just trying to get fly you can’t really go wrong with this super popular ASICS model. These used to be the kind of shoe you could only get at a running store…now we got seventeen hundred dollar gallery department collabs lol 👀

Honestly I’d just make these bad boys myself with a lil paint splatter who is going to know the difference let’s be real fam 💧

Air Force 1s - yeah I know this is a hot take because you don’t really think of them as Dad shoes, but take a look at Andy Reid and see what he’s got on his feet 👇

He’s the ultimate Dad, and as a matter of fact he’s a Granddad so it’s really way deeper than just fatherhood. My guy Mikey always talks about how his dad loves AF1 and how he tried to cop him some Jackie Robinson Brooklyn Dodgers AF1. The SNKRS app demolished that dream but it’s a nice idea all the same 🧢

All your Dads need a pair of AF1s to complete the look trust me on that. SCRATCH THAT - I got one more pair for you. The Nike Air Monarch, argue with your mama about this one, it’s the ultimate Dad shoe. Shoutout Pete Carroll the big legend, he should still be coaching in the NFL 🤌

The big day is this Sunday, make sure you guys pretty the Fathers right. Enjoy the weekend 💙

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