🤡 Nike Clowns Sneaker Resellers

Over the past few year, sneaker bots have made it extremely difficult for people to get the hottest kicks on the market at an affordable price. Last week, J Balvin and Nike teamed up to fool the botters out there by selling the artists newest Jordan 3 for 100x the retail price. We love to see this 👏 (2 min read)

J Balvin Tricks Resellers

It appears that J Balvin is a secret genius. Last week, Balvin’s Air Jordan 3 ‘Rio’ got its first release, and the artist did something pretty crafty in an effort to thwart botters from copping all of his Jordans and reselling them for profit. Peep what this model looks like, not my personal favorite tbh 👇

If you didn’t already know, bots are computer programs that resellers use to mass purchase sneakers for resale. So basically instead of manually checking out, inputting your card number and entering your shopping info, imagine that there is someone who can do that in .05 seconds. Oh and they’re going to do it for as many pairs as they possible can. Very frustrating if you’re just a regular human looking to buy sneakers 👎

Now back to Balvin - he listed the shoes on his site for $25k (100x the price), and only those with the special discount code that Balvin distributed to his fans were able to bring that price down back to down retail. So if you had bot ready for the drop, you spent $25,000 on a $250 shoe and there was no way to stop it unless your card was declined 🤡


People really paid $25,000 for these shoes 😳 @Zion #sneakers #overtime #sneakerhead #fyp #foryou #jbalvin #jordan #nike

Crazy to think how many resellers checked out multiple pairs at $25k each. I really don’t feel bad for them at all, reselling shoes is a creepy behavior. I’ve obviously flipped my fair share of shoes before when I had a hot pair with good value on the market, but I would never cop a whole pallet of sneakers with the intention of reselling each pair for a small profit 🥶

I understand that people get “rich” doing this but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. What if you’re a lil kid trying to get some Jordans and the whole grade school size run gets botted? Nasty work and shoutout to J Balvin and Nike for outsmarting with the system and making the botters out there think twice 🤝

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