🙏 Kai Cenat Gives Out Free Travis Scott's

Kai Cenat, the biggest streamer out there, pulled up to Compton to give out free kicks and iPhones while using Mr. Beast's credit card. These aren't bricks, these are expensive shoes in high demand. Great PR for Nike as well, who signed Kai a few months back 🤝 (2 min read)

Kai Cenet Gives Back

Kai Cenat pulled up to Compton and blessed the whole neighborhood with free sneakers and iPhones. Mr. Beast gave Kai a credit card and told him he could spend it however he wanted, Kai opted to go to Compton and buy everyone sneakers, iPhones and flat screen TVs. Truly awesome 🙏

This is not a drill, this is not a green screen, Kai really did this…he’s giving out good sneakers too not bricks, check the boxes. I see Jordan 4s, Nike SBs, and am I wrong when I say the brown Nike box with the red check is a pair of $1500 Travis Mocha highs? I wonder who got those 👀

Kai is signed to Nike so I’m not surprised to see him bless everyone with Nike brand sneakers and Jordans. This is that great combo of charity and brand PR, nothing negative about it 👟

A lot of haters in the comments saying “tax write off” and “now do it without the cameras on” etc. I get where they’re coming from, but I respectfully disagree. I can't stand those videos where people put a camera in someone's face and then offer them money or something, but this is different. This felt like an awesome honest moment and a major community giveback! 🤝

Kai blessing these kids with free stuff is something they’ll never forget. Not to mention they got some serious heat. What other streamer do you know that gives back like this? Adin Ross? I don’t think so

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