👀 Kanye in a Nike Ad???

Travis Scott has officially become the first non-athlete to debut a signature sneaker and apparel collection with Jordan. Big news, but what we're all wondering is will Nike take Kanye back? Ye just appeared in a Nike ad as part of Travis' launch 🫡 (2 min read)

Travis, Jordans & Ye

We have a big story today with a few parts to it. First off, Travis Scott has officially become the first non-athlete in history to debut a signature sneaker and apparel collection with Jordan brand. All is available at shop.travisscott.com 🔥

When these kicks first leaked, I believe the name going around was the Travis Scott x Jordan ‘Cut the Check’. Then it was the ‘Jumpman Jacks’. Now I’m seeing that these are called the T-REXX (Complex breakdown) 🦖

Cool name and I like the shoe a lot, I can appreciate that Nike and Travis didn’t over commit to the initial name and they’re dead set on choosing one that suits the shoe and the RAGER behind them. We also got a video with one of my favorite songs MY EYES and Travis Scott’s kid called THE FAM FOR THE JACKS 🏠

It’s an extremely low key and beautiful song, and the video similarly fallows suit with cool shots of Travis’s kids playing and drawing on a grey chalk walled space. The craziest thing about all of is that Kanye West appeared in a separate asset called YE AND THE JACK 👀

Kanye was my favorite artist growing up but his music has fallen off and his words are indefensible. THE FAM FOR THE JACKS kind of reminded me of Kanye’s Only One filmed by Spike Jonze on an iPhone, which featured Kanye and his then infant daughter North running around a foggy countryside. Ye is wearing those Yeezy desert boots that folks used to rock 🥾

Kanye appears alone in YE AND THE JACK, making me think there’s something brewing between Kanye and Nike and maybe setting the stage for Ye’s return to the big swoosh. Now just to be clear, this is all speculation. I’m sure Kanye wants to sign with Nike, it’s just about whether or not Nike will have him back 🫡

It’s not hard to imagine Travis Scott using his insanely lucrative Nike deal and influence to put the squeeze on Nike and ask them to bring his controversial mentor back into the fold. You heard it here first. Nike is going to look past all the terrible comments and insane stunts that have defined the past few years from Kanye and bring him into the fold 💧

A retro of the Nike Yeezy 1 and 2? I’m getting the chills just writing this dogs…don’t call it a comeback 👟

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