💰 Best Selling Sneakers of the Past Year

We've run the numbers and have the five most sold sneakers on StockX from the past 12 months. For anyone reading that flips kicks, these are the ones that the people want, regardless of how you feel about them. A few might surprise you and four of the five go for around $100 if you're looking for an every day shoe 🤝 (3 min read)

Top Selling Sneakers

You know that classic business saying “know your customers”…well this one goes out to all my sneaker hustlers out there. Below are the top selling sneakers of the last year based on StockX data and inspired by Alerts Daily, and some of them might surprise you. None really break the bank either, and since I doubt you want to wear what everyone else is, you could easily sell them 👀

1) Nike Dunk Low Panda: 183,430 pairs

Obviously the Panda dunks are the most maligned and hated shoe of the last few years, so it only makes sense that they'd be the most popular sneaker in the game. We do a lot of interviews at various sneaker conventions and whenever we ask something negative the answer is almost always “Panda dunks” 🐼


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It’s so prevalent that hating on Panda dunks has kind of become a meme of itself. I personally don’t like the shoes, but I understand why they’re so popular. They used to resell for $300+ and I’m happy to say the rate has come down significantly 🙏

2) Women’s Exclusive Dunk Low ‘Photon Dust’: 84,820 pairs

Dunks get a bad rap because of how played out and popular the Panda dunks are. They’re an extremely versatile and popular shoe, so it makes sense that this women’s colorway would be a big hit with men and women alike. The affordable price point also helps

3) adidas Yeezy Slide ‘Onyx’: 68,884 pairs

Whenever I speak to the youth they tell me that this is the most comfortable shoe in the world. I’ve never owned a pair of Yeezy’s, but I do love me some orthotic slides and if I were to own a pair of Yeezy’s it would probably be these 🤷🏽‍♂️

4) Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘White’: 63,170 pairs

Greatest shoe ever? Not a lot to say about these except that I love to see a classic getting the love it deserves. These will never go out of style and they’ll forever be the most versatile Nike shoe ever. My personal preference is for the black pair over the white joints but that doesn’t make these any less clean

5) Jordan 3 ‘White Cement Reimagined’: 43,620 pairs

Okay so these surprised me because the rest of the shoes on this list partially owe their popularity to their affordable price point. These joints go for a slightly steep $300+, yet they were the 5th most popular shoe of the past twelve months. Jordan 3s are super clean and classic, but if you ask any kid they’d tell you that the Jordan 4 is a more popular sneaker. I would imagine that the ‘Reimagined Bred 4s’ make their way up the list 📈

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