🥾 MSCHF Taps Spike Lee

MSCHF has enlisted the modeling services of HOF New Yorker Spike Lee for their newest 'Timb' boot. Personally I'm not a huge fan of these, but I'm a Spike Lee guy so I was intrigued. These drop March 19th for $400 👀 (2 min read)

MSCHF Taps Spike Lee

MSCHF enlisted the modeling services of the man, the myth, the legend Spike Lee for their new “Timb” boot 🥾

Okay so right off the bat, I’m not a huge fan of the Timberland boot spin offs. There are all sorts of reimaginings and “tributes” that have come out in recent years as the Timberland boot has become more popular, but frankly If they’re not made by Timberland I’m probably not buying 😏

These MSCHF timbs feature an all over rubber worked up in the style of the Timberland boot undersole. I get it, they basically made the whole boot look like the iconic treads, it’s definitely a cool and different idea. I was very impressed that MSCHF was able to tap one of the greatest film makers and New Yorkers of all time to be a model for a shoe that basically is taking the piss out of an NYC staple 🗽

These drop March 19th for $400…wow $400 is crazy. I’d rather spend that on some Supreme timbs, those also featured an all over pattern (manhole cover) and they’re actually fire 🤝

Frankly I can’t really see anyone who wears timbs wearing these shoes, these are for people who are fans of MSCHF, not fans of Timberland. If that’s not you, you’re better off just sticking with the classic boot for $198 and saving a few hundo 👀

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