💆🏽‍♂️ LeBron Debuts New Massage Shoe

Nike and Hyperice have unveiled a new innovative line of wearable technology, all designed to optimize performance. LeBron James showed off the new massage boots on IG a few days ago, and we've been told many athletes will be using both products at the Paris Olympics next month. Take a look 🤝 (2 min read)

Nike x Hyperice Massage Shoes

LeBron James just previewed an insane new shoe/foot item on his IG story that might be super popular with all the athletes out there. Yes you heard me right, LeBron has brought massage shoes to the masses 💆🏽‍♂️

I don’t know who asked for these, but this is basically the logical sequel to those inflatable Hyperice compression pants that crazy people buy for $800. Except these new boots are actually kind of fashionable and we should be seeing athletes rocking them at the upcoming Paris Olympics 🏆

These massage boots are made by Hyperice, who are one of the industry leaders when it comes to massage guns. Basically, anyone with a little bit of bread who plays sports has already invested in a $100-300 massage gun, and now they’re coming for the rest of your wallet. Give them credit though, the Hypervolt gun is super popular with NFL and NBA players 👇

Honestly, male collecting and performance knows no boundaries, so I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if a ton of people cop these. That being said, I feel like Gen 1 tech sucks. You don’t want buy the first Apple Watch, the first iPhone and probably won’t want the first edition of these heat up massage shoes 👀

Imagine if there is some malfunction and the shoe gets too hot. Oy vey, class action lawsuit on the way. Or what if the massage shoes mess up your feet, you going to try to sue Nike and Hyperice? Good luck. Full release info is not public yet, but expect these by the end of 2024 at a price range between $400-600 if I had to guess 💰

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