🔋 Off-White Drops Basketball Shoes

Earlier this week we got the first look at the new Off-White 'Baller' basketball shoe that debuted at Milan Fashion week. There's four colorways, expect all of them to go for well over $1k 💵 (2 min read)

Off-White Hoop Shoes

For the last few years, designer Ibrahim Kamara has done a fantastic job continuing to push the late Virgil Abloh’s vision at Off-White 🙏

Earlier this week we got the first look at the new Off-White ‘Baller’ basketball kicks featuring actual basketball leather 👇

These eye popping sneakers just debuted at Milan Fashion week in neon green, black, rhinestone diamond and a more traditional orange basketball color 🏀

These kind of remind me of Stefon Marbury's famously affordable sneaker The Starbury. If you’re young or don’t remember, Stef was truly a man of the people and he wanted to make a hoop shoe that didn’t break the bank. Here’s a dope refresher 😮‍💨

The Starbury retailed for a staggeringly low $15…you can’t even get a turkey sandwich for $15 in 2024. But this is Off-White so I would postulate that these retail for more like $1,500 not $15, and I wonder what they price the Wilson basketball at 👀

I think it’s dope that Off-White is doing fun referential early 2000s stuff, and realistically I’d wear these even though I know they’re conventionally ugly. Personally I’m more of a Off-White Nike Flyknit fan, but that’s definitely not a hot take 😏

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